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Retrieving the Arbiter by CareldeWinter Retrieving the Arbiter by CareldeWinter
This is a piece commissioned from me by mstrider80, and is from the battletech universe. He and I had a great deal of enjoyment putting this together, There is a lot going on in this picture, so he has put together a short story, describing the events happening here, in a far more colorful manner than I could contrive.

Delst Reaches, Nielsen Asteroid Belt
Labrea System, Irece Prefecture
Draconis Combine
Sept. 10, 3066

Star Commander Mulva Lenardon looked out into the vast depth of space, an all-encompassing net of contrasting stars and darkness. Even for a genetically-engineered Elemental warrior like herself, standing nearly 2.5 meters tall, the sight was more than a bit humbling.
But there was no time for that today. She had lost sight of her target. Peering through the ferroglass visor of her power-armored suit, she knew she only had moments to find it again. The pirates her team now faced seemed well-organized, even efficient. Something about this group was different. Even now a wing of 50-ton Corsairs was bearing down hard on her point of five Elemental warriors. The Corsairs lashed out with lasers, mostly hitting the larger Dropship. The comparatively miniscule Elementals hurriedly prepared to launch themselves off their Dropship and into the abyss, as technicians made last minute modifications on the 1,000 kg suits of armor each warrior wore.
For those in Mulva's command, launching off the Strikers' Overlord C Dropship was only the beginning of their day's duty. The first group of Elementals, led by Point Commander Shiho of the Nova Cats, had already launched. The destination was a massive lostech Arbiter Warship whose coded coordinates had only recently been rediscovered after centuries of secrecy. Upon landing on the ship, Shiho and her point would invade it via any route possible: escape hatches, maintenance tunnels, or other standard entryways. Along with a carefully coordinated and simultaneous BattleMech assault led by Star Colonel Devon Carns, the combined Strikers mercenary team hoped to rid the ancient Warship of its pirate inhabitants.
A quick glance at the ominous Warship was all Mulva needed to realize Devon and his Mechwarriors were fending off aerospace harrassers too. The group of Mechs were making their way across the outer hull of the Arbiter and towards its main bay entrance. Only magnetic rigging kept them from drifting out and forever into the cold of space.
Mulva's own point of five Elementals would be the last to launch from the friendly Dropship. While they would not be the first to reach the Warship, they would be the Elemental point bearing the brunt of the enemies' increasingly-organized aerospace assault. It was an unimaginable task, a feat worthy of a bloodnamed warrior like herself.

More on the Strikers at
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fidgetlilmeg12 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm teaching a friend in Romania to play Battletech TCG over skype, so I decided to modernize all of the cards. I used your art for Battle Armor Squad [link]
differentego Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wow! this is wonderful!
CareldeWinter Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011
It was interesting to work to a brief that was detailed, having constraints can sometimes lead you in unexpected directions. Working with mike was fun, we did most of our conferencing on skype, where the ability to see the other persons display is really usefull for changing things on the fly. The only downside was that as he lives in Japan, we had to do it early Sunday mornings GMT, because that was the only practical time taking timezones into consideration.
differentego Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
..and obviously, it worked very well :). itīs a really intersting way to do a collaboration.
CareldeWinter Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
I have fixed the Corsairs weight problem. :)
SideLine Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
excellent picture and story.

two small observations.

Corsair is a 50t Aerospace Fighter ( not 40t)

the technicians would have had the elemental suits prepped for use inside the dropship, not in space.
mstrider80 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
I'll speak a bit for myself and a bit for CareldeWinter: :D
-the Corsair mistake is totally my fault, thats exactly what I get for not looking at an official tech readout to double-check my noggin!
-we wanted regular-sized humans in the pic for some clear scale examples, had to make up some excuse for getting them out there.

Thanks for the kind words and glad you got a look at this SideLine.
Mecha-Zone Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
Really terrific work here! I know Mike loves it :)
mstrider80 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
Wow, can't believe I'm the first comment! :D Thanks man!
CareldeWinter Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
I'm glad you like the work mike
I think that that marine's suit developed a last minute power failure and they came outside to fix it, not expecting at that stage to be under attack (I'm making this up as I go along).:juggle:
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December 1, 2010
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